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We help a business get listed and completely optimized in their first month with our “Local SEO” business search package – after that, it’s about staying optimized and getting your business listed in hundreds of different internet directories – which we also do. That said, you can do it for FREE if you want so I’ll give you as much extra advice as I can in a short post and if you decide you want somebody to do this for you, I guarantee you’ll get a lot more in return than the dollars you spend with us. There are some insider secrets on how we do this that I don’t give away – after all, that’s why people hire me instead of doing it themselves. But if you like doing things yourself, this will get you started!

The WORLD WIDE WEB is going LOCAL in many respects. Google is Local. In case you haven’t noticed already, when you perform a Google Search on most search terms, you get a Google Map in the upper right corner of the screen and middle of page displays Google Local Search Results. Don’t believe me, just go to www.google.com and type in restaurant or dentist or attorney or homes for rent. Google will almost always get your location correct to the closest large city. That’s how they know what local results to display for the local user searching and especially for MOBILE customers. Google is also going MOBILE guys…

In fact, your business is likely already on Google’s local search. If not, I know exactly why. You’re not in any of the major business directories. Your business info may be outdated, may have moved, whatever. If you have not claimed your listing with Google yet, you risk having your business info deleted – if they already have it. If you need or want help you can hire me to do all this for you.

Google Places registration is FREE folks. If you do the right things, you’ll get your business in the top 3-5 places for local search results (ie. ON THE FIRST PAGE OF RESULTS) and that translates in to business my friends – well it should. Why do I say that? Well, there’s lots of data to back it up. But it’s also just as logical. Chances are you have a smartphone… if you don’t, you will in 5 years or less. Why? Phone manufacturers are going Smartphone exclusively – in different shapes and sizes… I can pull out my iPhone and click on my Google Maps app, type in “dentist” and the closest businesses matching the dentist category appear on my phone screen. I tap on any one of them and the business phone number, address, website, etc. displays on my screen. From there I can add that business to my contacts with one click of my finger; OR, I can click on “Directions to Here” and get turn by turn directions right to that business’ front door; OR, I can click on the phone number and my phone will dial the number. All in all it takes me about 15 seconds.

In many countries today, the only way people in that country access the internet is through their phone. They have faster internet on their phone than they do at home, if they have it home at all.

I’m telling you, business is going Local (not loco) and Mobile. Get on it and use the FREE tools out there to do it!

HERE’S A QUICK VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO UNDERSTAND THIS AND GETTING YOUR FREE GOOGLE PLACES LISTING! Watch this and then implement the secrets listed after the video!

A couple more secret tips once you have your listing claimed and verified:

  1. Key is not to just get your business listed and the information right, key is to get listed higher in the list and more noticed on the map with top goal to be on the FIRST page of results;
  2. Business citations are one key to better placement results;
  3. Business review submissions is the other big key to placement results;
  4. Optimize your listing with complete info;
  5. Run Offers frequently.

And hey, if you need a little help, call me. I’m pretty good at this stuff… you’ll get on the first page of Google! That’s not so bad, is it?


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