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Local SEO is all about optimizing YOUR business for local searching by potential LOCAL customers on their mobile devices and/or when they perform a search engine inquiry on your type of business on a computer in the local area.

Notice that this is all about LOCAL searching. Meaning, these potential customers are people who are in your immediate vicinity (ie. usually within 10-15 miles) and are looking for a very specific type of business, product or service NOW!

These types of potential customers are usually in a decision-making mode and they are typically “hot” leads so to speak. If your business is not listed AND optimized for local business searching with Google, Yahoo and Bing, your company is losing potential business. Period.

If you are a new client of Think Big Enterprises, LLC and have purchased our “Local Business SEO” Package, please complete the form below to get started. This form provides us the critical information needed to create and optimize your business listings. Thank you!

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