Search Engine Optimization Using our SpyJuice Proprietary SEO Intelligence Process

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Search Engine Optimization

I talk to and/or meet with anywhere from 5-10 business owners every week and one thing I am continually amazed it is how many of these business owners are paying an internet marketing company many hundreds of dollars every month for what they think is “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) being conducted on their website. Let me start by saying this, you likely landed at this page because we intended for you to find it and click through to it. Think about it… but if your website is NOT ranking in the top 3 results or producing revenue to your business, whatever search engine marketing efforts are being conducted by this company, they are not effective and you should reconsider who you have doing this for you. Search engine optimization can be broken into two major categories: Global/National SEO (aka Organic SEO) and Local Search Optimization or Local SEO. Global or national search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a web page for for a global or national-level keyword (regardless of any geographic restriction or parameters). Local Search or Local SEO is the process of optimizing a business address “on the map” so that the business NAP (name, address and phone number) appears in local search results indicated by a map marker, address and corresponding map inside the SERP which stands for Search Engine Results Page. There is a “blended” approach where we optimize a web site or web page for some local keyword terms such as: “Tampa SEO” or “Florida Web Designers” or “Brandon Chiropractor” or “Saint Petersburg Taxi” or “Roofing Tampa FL.” These are just a few examples of a localized keyword term which we can optimize for using both on-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies. In this type of blended strategy, when a user does a Google search for, say “SEO Tampa” you can see some great results where the website will rank for the organic keyword term AND the business will also rank well in the local search results on the first SERP. Our proprietary SEO intelligence process we affectionately call SpyJuice is derived from a synthesis of  competitive reconnaissance, unique keyword intelligence, current theories on latent semantic indexing, neural network mapping, human knowledge processing and cognitive retrieval. The millions of inter-connections in human information processing (neural bridges, not unlike links) can be inferred to represent a semantic mapping of human understanding and the inter-relationships between both human and information structures (e.g., the internet). Since search engines attempt to simulate aspects of human knowledge structures and processing –  The SpyJuice™ process provides an unique convergence between the way humans and search engines attempt to process, store, and retrieve information – which we then combine with proper keyword decision intelligence coupled with a clear understanding of what your top competitors are doing in the SEO landscape. Think Big Enterprises founder Lane Houk has devised proprietary Keyword Intelligence and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques based on a sound SEO methodology gleaned from a clear knowledge of what the major search engines (and ultimately, your customers) are looking for when searching. Think Big Enterprise’s proprietary SpyJuice™ methods are incredibly effective in terms of search engine rankings precisely because they are firmly grounded in the same principles the search engines actually utilize in their algorithms – which in very simplistic terms is to provide logical and meaningful original information perfectly aligned with the search inquiries of their users. If you’ve done even a little research into SEO strategies, one thing you’re likely to have heard before is that “content is king.” This is absolutely true. The major search engines are looking for the best, most semantically relevant content related to the user’s search; and this makes complete logical sense. Simply put, we help our clients take the special expertise they have in their respective industry and turn that knowledge and expertise into highly relevant, unique, expert content which is translated into and semantically aligned with the keywords they want to rank for to attract the specific type of clients they are looking for – which is a searcher with HIGH BUYER INTENT. We then apply additional SpyJuice tactics to construct your website architecture using a highly sophisticated blueprint for success and execute – month after month.  In addition, Google is continuously scanning the horizon for the authorities in nearly every niche, in every local community. Their Google+ platform is their next foray into this quest. Smart SEO companies understand how Google+ needs to be utilized to help their clients achieve top first page rankings. Our marketing platform includes unique computerized systems and methods for marketing companies on

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