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Here is a collection of data and reports for July 2011. We will update this page each month so check back every 30 days to get the latest housing and financial data along with any bonus reports you can use for your business with Buyers and Sellers.

July 2011 –  Housing & Economic Report

July 2011 – Report Podcast in .mp3 format

July 2011 – Report in Powerpoint format

Bonus Report: Why Now is a Great Time to Buy

Bonus Report: Why Now is a Great Time to Sell


Class #1 Slide NotesNavigating the New Business Frontier: the Local-Mobile-Social Explosion


The SellTwo Prospect and Lead Incubation System

The power of this system is the amazing simplicity married to a Two-Person incubation system that is highly automated.

Once we receive your subscription, info, photo and logo, we will create your email signature and send your Unique URL to begin adding prospects and leads to your automated campaigns. Incubation is simple! Never miss out on another prospect! You can simply and easily add a new prospect to a campaign right from your phone (or computer). It really is that simple. You will be able to use your Smartphone or a computer to go to your Unique URL and enter a very short form (ie. Name, Email, Phone) for your new prospect or lead. That’s it! Yes, that simple… your new prospect will immediately receive an email from you and  your lender partner (together) and then every 7 days thereafter for 3 months.

We highly suggest that both SellTwo partners contact the prospect by phone as well. Business is stil about relationships but the SellTwo System will stay in touch with your prospect automatically so even when you’re crazy busy, sick or on vacation, SellTwo is working for You!

Next Step: Subscribe and setup your billing. It’s $47/month. No contract. Cancel Anytime. Once you complete your payment information, you will be taken to a new page with Step Two instructions. Once we receive the requested info from you, your Unique URL will be created and you’ll be live on the SellTwo System! That’s it, simple right?



Want to see examples of the Campaigns?

Buyer Campaign
Credit Campaign
Listing Campaign
Save for Downpayment Campaign
Merchant Services