Developing SEO Content & Articles as an Affordable Internet Marketing Strategy

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When employing one of the various search engines out there (ie. Google search), you will see the thousands and thousands or even millions of researches performed for a specific search term and the results of that specific search term (called SERP’s for  Search Engine Result Pages).  When these keywords and phrases are looked for within a certain internet search engine, any indexed internet site that contains details associated with that keyword is going to be shown as a result (result examples could be first page of Google in spot #4 or could be on page 94, spot #8 or page 1,597, spot #2).  The only real money to be made in any fashion, in any business or niche is to be on Page 1 or 2 but really, Page 1, there’s a 50% minimum drop off from page 1 to page 2.


So, a quick, obvious strategy is to find certain keyword search terms that you want to target. We want an “affordable internet marketing” plan as our driving strategy so we don’t want to pick extremely competitive terms… we want to find good terms that return good monthly output but I look in the middle to upper middle of that list using keyword research tool Market Samurai. There are several strategies to employ at this point but we turn our attention to content – relevant, fresh and quality are the three Queen Bees to content!


For those who have articles or blog posts that contain the specific search term wanted (ie. “affordable internet marketing” or “affordable internet marketing strategies”), their website or even the location of their content will show up as a possible search results page.  This is actually the process that directs most of the  instant traffic to internet sites… quality SEO or “search term optimized” content, fresh, new and relevant as the constant focus.


In a phrase, “Content is Still King” in SEO and fresh, quality content is QUEEN! Now more than ever and the great part is that creating content is very easy and affordable to create and publish!


That’s the reason why writing and submitting articles is among the most used affordable internet marketing strategy these days. Every single day internet visitors are supplied with a plethora of information about any possible subject.  Delivering valuable data, info and researched or curated content through articles or blog posts is a dependable, ethical and totally legal method to produce qualified visitors to your web business.


Following are just a few of the advantages you can anticipate from creating high quality SEO Content articles.


1. It will be AFFORDABLE for you

All you require, at least to begin with, is the motivation and the use of some software and resources that may be located free or paid tools on the web.  You will have the choice to pay a content development company or individual or perhaps a ghost article writer for composing your original articles. In case you decide to produce the articles on your own, you’ll have the huge benefit of creating a much more customized content and, in addition, you won’t have to invest any cash.  Everything you may need is currently on the web, should you choose some exploration you’ll be able to set up priceless information and facts that’ll be treasured for your target audience and also by search engines like Google.

Curating content is a highly valuable resource for your readers. Curating simply means addin context and commentary that helps layer on a sense of meaning, direction, guidance and interpretation of another article or press release or blog post by a different author. This is what a trusted source does: separate the useful from the not so and then add color and value to the most relevant material out there (like the local newspaper does with AP and Reuters content).


Some of the FREE tools I use to research, locate, curate and publish content quickly, easily and send to all my social accounts in one seamless step are:

  • account and the Posterous “bookmarklet” for my browser
  • Google Chrome web browser
  • Google Reader to bring in RSS Feeds of Niche Specific Content
  • Content curation strategies
  • WordPress Blog on autopilot
  • WP-Robot plugin
  • The Best Spinner Article software


2. Improves your online business presence

In a very short time period you’ll be able to grow your business presence on the internet, if you can establish the discipline of distributing those targeted SEO content articles to several articles directories weekly. PRACTICE TIP: taking into account the Alexa rating of these web directories, is vital, for page rank, site rank and author rank authority.  The more powerful the directory/blog/site is on the search engines view, the higher the probability you have to be ranked higher by the likes of Google and Bing.  Practice Tip #2… You need to ensure your resources box is in place and with a decent call to action paragraph and quality “anchor text” links to  your primary SEO targeted site.


3. Help in automatic one-way links generation

In case your articles are developed in an effective way and shown to your readers in a simple to break down structure, they have great possibility of being selected for other website owner to publish them in their web-site.  Because of the copyright laws governing the internet directories, your document must be published together with your web page link, this may consequently deliver additional instant traffic aimed at your site by creating quality, white hat backlinks to your site (if your RESOURCE BOX is done correctly).



4.  Facilitates the Development of Your Internet Popularity and Author Rank

As an affordable internet marketing ninja guru you need to find the best way to make your products and offers appealing and, preferably, compelling to your prospective customers. If you don’t clearly present your product or service on your site, it probably will not generate a positive effect in your site visitors; most likely you’ll not attain any real noticeable conversion. The conversion process is successful once your website visitors turn into buyers by the motion of buying your products or services. The smart internet marketer uses that quick chance provided through a “site visit” and will strategically demonstrate to his/her visitors a deep understanding and know-how within the related niche (ie. a Market Leader in that niche). He/she will also exhibit an authentic ability to help by supplying the readers with ideas and suggestions and especially the key reason why they ought to purchase the product or service they happen to be featuring.


You need to demonstrate your competence, a quite effective method of doing that is definitely authoring your own content. In doing this you’ll have the chance to engage readers and build your own persona within their mind to make sure they feel motivated and connected with you… enough so to convert which is always the strategy of an effective web site or even iPhone app for that matter.


In short, dream, think BIG and think outside the box… provide the content in a very straightforward approach while ensuring that your reader will clearly recognize that you’re the expert they need within the subject/topic area. Use the vast amount of tools to be/become an authority and market influencer. It’s a fun and exciting journey!


Resource Box (this is how it should look/function):

Author Info: Lane A. Houk is an SEO and Internet Marketing Expert specializing in SEO strategies with sites built on the WordPress Platform. If having a highly SEO optimized WordPress blog or web site is something you’re interested in learning more about, check out my Affordable Internet Marketing blog site.



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