Growing Your Business With the Internet and Social Media

| March 2, 2012 | Comments (1)
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Social media and well designed blogs are a key part to any inbound marketing strategy.

Here are 6 ways they help grow your business:

  1. Quick to Start. You could launch a Facebook page today or get a blog going in a few days. Facebook is free., and many other hosted blog platforms are free and easy to start and use.
  2. Low Cost. You can get started in social media and blogging for very little or no money. They are among the most cost-effective methods of reaching your audience.  With a minimal investment of ~$500, you can outsource the building of a custom blog site for your business! Affordable Internet Marketing can be accomplished!
  3. Instant Interactivity. Both blogs and social media can give you nearly instant market feedback – good or bad. We get all kinds of feedback through the comments on our blog; people also leave reviews and other comments for us on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels.
  4. It’s the Search Engines, Silly. Surveys indicate that 90% or more of people begin their purchasing process in search engines. Blogs and social media make it more likely that your prospects will find you online when they search. I’m still amazed at how many businesses still don’t have a web or blog site. Nearly every professional (like attorneys, doctors, financial planners, insurance agents, etc) should have a blog site where they can demonstrate their expertise to prospective clients!
  5. Inbound Marketing.  We’re big fans of inbound marketing at Think Big Enterprises… after all, you found our site, right? Outbound marketing is telemarketing, direct mail, email blasts to cold prospects or lists you purchase, TV and newspaper print ads – all the things that buyers (like you) block out and throw the cold shoulder to.  Social media strategies and blog sites are necessary inbound marketing tools.
  6. First Mover Advantage. For blogs and social media, there is an advantage to moving first. If you don’t jump into the conversation, your competitors will (if they have not already, and they likely have) and then you’re fighting an uphill battle to become influential in these online conversations. Start now to claim that first-mover advantage. Don’t keep waiting… social media is NOT going away! Facebook is continuing to develop into a business tool. You may not like it or “be into it” but you can find someone on your team (or outsource to us) these tasks to build your business!
  7. Automate It. I’m a huge proponent of automating as much of my business as possible. Some tasks and relationships cannot be automated. However, most business owners are shocked at how much of their business process/processes can be automated, at least in part. The more you automate, the more predictability you inject into your business and the more money you can save. Money and time saved = greater efficiency. Greater efficiency = greater profitability and more time for you to spend doing what you love to do. Social media marketing can be automated in large part and it can be outsourced.

How are you using social media today? Are you using it?  Learn how you can build a successful inbound marketing strategy that combines social media, blogging, lead conversion, and marketing analytics.  Social media is an affordable internet marketing strategy! Really, for a couple hundred dollars per month you can at least get the conversation going and nurture it monthly with your customers and prospects!

Get a complimentary Inbound Marketing Assessment from Think Big Enterprises. Just use this link to fill out our marketing assessment form and we’ll contact you and give you an hour or so of our time to help answer questions and try to give you ideas and strategies to use to build your business.

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    Where did you get your blog layout from? I’d like to get one like it for my blog.

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