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One thing I really, really get excited about is efficiency opportunity. You know, those cool times when you see a real, bona fide opportunity to increase your efficiency in business and life. I’m going to share one of these opportunities with you… it’s simple, go check out – love it. I input my facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube account info ahead of time, add a post of any kind (blog, text, video, audio) to posterous account and posterous automatically sends same to all my social accounts. One to many efficiency. Very nice. My posterous site: – Have fun with it!

Oh and by the way, Posterous makes it so easy to add a new blog post… all you have to do is email your new post to [email protected] and Posterous knows it’s you by your email address so they automatically create the new post for you, publish it on your Posterous page and submit the same  post to all of your Social Network sites! That is awesome. Best of all, it’s FREE folks.

By the way… I found one video on YouTube that was short and shows how you can use Posterous to be more efficient!

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