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| February 8, 2012 | Comments (0)
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Let’s face it, if you spend just about any time online these days, you’re at risk of your privacy being invaded and your identity and personal information may be unsecured. You need to be pro-active and arm yourself with a few good tools. I’m alarmed at how few people have basic anti-virus, anti-spyware and proper cookie settings so their online traffic isn’t watched (yes literally) by tracking cookies or spyware.

More importantly to me is the fact that just about anybody with some know how can track your online browsing history and get information from that. Sure there are some devious reasons that someone might want to block their online browsing history but for me, I don’t want anyone knowing what sites I go to or worse, getting personal information off of my web traffic. It’s just the principle of the idea that my business is only my business and no one else’s.

If you share this concern, there are solutions. I’ve included a great video to intro the idea to you. I highly suggest you check out and download the “TOR Browser Bundle” – for Windows or Mac depending on what type of computer you use.

TOR essentially sets up a tunnel of your internet traffic and relays the request all over the world (literally) so that someone trying to watch your traffic wouldn’t know that request for a certain site came from your computer. I’ve tested it and it works – fantastically. The first time I setup a connection to the TOR network and opened the TOR browser (which is basically a customized version of Firefox), Yahoo thought I was located in Germany based on the IP address that was requesting the Yahoo page from my browser.

If you want anonymity online and you want to keep any and all prying eyes off your online traffic, TOR is the best way to go right now.

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